Bella & Duke Raw Lamb & Duck Cat Food

Bella Duke Raw Lamb Duck Cat Food
Bella Duke Raw Lamb Duck Cat Food

Bella Duke Raw Lamb Duck Cat Food, The Cat 24

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This lamb and duck recipe contains only two sources of animal protein: lamb and duck. While it may not be a single-protein recipe, both proteins are novel for most cats which could make it a good option for cats with food allergies or sensitivities.

Similar to the previous formula, this recipe contains two sources of added fat: herring oil and virgin olive oil. Herring oil is an animal-based source of omega-3s, making it a great ingredient for your cat’s skin and coat. Olive oil is plant-based which isn’t preferable, but there’s nothing inherently wrong with it.

One thing worth noting with this recipe is that the fat content is almost equal to the protein content. Again, the calorie content isn’t listed but it’s safe to assume that with such a high fat content the calorie count would be fairly high. Depending on your cat’s body weight, the portion size for this recipe could be fairly small.

Overall, this appears to be a species-appropriate raw food formula rich in protein and healthy fats with plenty of moisture to support your cat’s hydration.


Lamb Hearts, Duck with Bone, Lamb Tripe, Lamb Offal, Lamb Broth, Herring Oil, Virgin Olive Oil.

Guaranteed Analysis

Value %
Crude Protein 13
Crude Fat 12
Moisture 73
Ash 2
Crude Protein:13%
Crude Fat:12%

Dry Matter Basis

Value %
Protein 48.15
Fat 44.44

Caloric Weight Basis

Value %
Protein 30.85
Fat 69.15
Ingredients We Liked Ingredients We Didn’t Like Common Allergens
Lamb Hearts

Duck with Bone

Lamb Tripe

Lamb Offal

Herring Oil



  • Rich in animal protein from muscle meat, organs, and bone
  • Doesn’t contain any unnecessary plant ingredients
  • Made with two novel sources of species-appropriate protein
  • Rich in moisture to support your cat’s hydration


  • High fat content may equate to higher calorie content
  • Portion sizes could be fairly small