Best Automatic Litter Box: Litter-Robot III With Connect

Litter Robot 3 Connect 1
Litter Robot 3 Connect 1

Litter Robot 3 Connect, The Cat 24

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With its streamlined design and integrated scoop and dustpan, the Cove litter box from Tuft + Paw is my premium pick. Its compact enough for use in small spaces but spacious enough for your cat to use comfortably. Plus, you can purchase an optional 8-inch partition for added privacy and scatter control.

In addition to being attractively designed, the Cove litter box is durably constructed. The plastic materials feel extremely robust, and the base is nice and sturdy. It also features a matte finish that is unusual among litter boxes and gives it a modern look.

In terms of function, this litter box is easy to scoop, and the included dustpan and hand brush are nice to have. I did notice a little bit of litter scatter when I wasn’t using the partition, but nothing excessive. The primary downside with this litter box is the price tag.

What We Liked:

  • Compact, streamlined design
  • Available 8-inch partition for privacy and scatter control
  • Integrated scoop, dustpan, and hand brush

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Somewhat expensive, priced upwards of $150
  • May not control scatter as well without the partition