Best Ball Toy: Petstages Tower of Tracks

Petstages Tower of Tracks
Petstages Tower of Tracks

Petstages Tower Of Tracks, The Cat 24

For cats who love to bat balls around, this three-level track toy is perfect. It encourages your cat to send the brightly colored balls spinning around and around the three-level track.

Thanks to the anti-slip pads on the bottom, you won’t have to worry about the toy sliding across the floor during play. All of the balls are designed to remain in the tracks and are unlikely to pop out for an adventure under the refrigerator.

The tower is 9.75” in diameter and 6” tall, making it the perfect size for most cats. The three-level design makes it spacious enough for multi-cat playtime.

What We Liked:

  • Balls move smoothly in the tracks
  • Balls are highly responsive to your cat’s batting
  • Sturdy construction can withstand plenty of active play
  • Perfect for independent play

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Non-replaceable balls may escape the track