Best Bristle Brush: Mars Boar Bristle Cat Brush Review

71Maufb2MFL. SL350 1
71Maufb2MFL. SL350 1

71Maufb2MFL. SL350 1, The Cat 24

This is a German-made brush featuring real boar bristles set in a birch wood handle. The bristles are extremely soft, so the brush isn’t a good choice for heavy shedders or matted coats. It is, however, a good choice for sensitive cats with short coats.

As Amazon customer brosephous put it, “…the brush is mostly just good for the pleasure it provides the cat and for imparting a lustrous, glossy sheen to his fur—it won’t really be of much use as a serious combatant in the Shedding Wars.”

So if you’re looking for a soft, gentle brush that will give your delicate kitty a little extra shine, this boar brush is a serious contender.


  • Excellent for sensitive cats
  • Helps to add shine
  • Well-constructed and made to last


  • Not the best for serious shedders