Best Brush For Long Hair: Frisco Dematting Double-Sided Comb

Frisco Dematting Double Sided Comb
Frisco Dematting Double Sided Comb

Frisco Dematting Double Sided Comb, The Cat 24

Cats with long fur need a little extra attention when it comes to grooming because their fur tends to get matted. The Frisco dematting comb is uniquely designed for longer coats, made with sharp stainless-steel blades to work through clumps of matted fur. The blades are curved with dulled ends to protect your cat’s skin during grooming.

This dematting comb is double-sided, so it works as both a dematting tool and a deshedding tool. The side with widely spaced teeth is perfect for cutting through mats while the side with closely spaced teeth is ideal for weekly grooming and deshedding. The tool also has a rubberized handle which makes it comfortable to hold.


  • Great for long-haired and mat-prone cats
  • Rubberized handle for improved comfort and control
  • Double-sided for dematting and deshedding
  • Dulled ends to prevent injuries to your cat’s skin


  • May pull on the fur during use
  • Some customers say the blades aren’t sharp enough