Best Covered Litter Box For Multiple Cats: Petphabet Covered Litter Box


Pethabet, The Cat 24

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If you and your cats like covered litter boxes, you might try this extra-large hooded pan.

This litter box measures 24.8” x 20″ x 16.5” around the “waist” where the cover and bottom meet. Because the litter box has a flared design, it’s slightly smaller at the bottom, with a door opening size 8.2 X 7.8 inches.

It’s available in two colors: navy blue and beige. Both colors come with a translucent hood, allowing your cat to see the outside world while they use their bathroom.

The hood snaps on with high-density polyethylene locks. Customer reviews suggest that these locks are fragile and tend to break easily. Durability concerns are repeatedly mentioned in reviews – one said “you definitely cannot pick it up when full. It would explode!”.

The litter box has non-stick surfaces for easier cleaning.


  • Features a translucent cover
  • Easy to clean
  • Larger than many other covered litter boxes


  • Reviewers say that the side latches are unreliable