Best Covered: Petphabet Jumbo Covered Litter Box

etphabet Jumbo Covered Litter Box 1
etphabet Jumbo Covered Litter Box 1

Etphabet Jumbo Covered Litter Box, The Cat 24

Covered litter boxes minimize the spread of litter box odor through your home.  They may also help contain urine spray and litter scatter better than open boxes. The Petphabet Jumbo Covered Litter Box checks all of these boxes but has a few unique features that make it my top choice of covered litter boxes time and again.

This covered litter box has a spacious interior, so most cats won’t feel cramped while using it. It also has a transparent hood, allowing you to monitor waste buildup and allowing your cat to observe the outside world. I particularly appreciate that it doesn’t have a door, because doors and flaps tend to lock in odor.

This covered litter box is available in a range of bright colors. It’s a fairly expensive litter box, unfortunately, but it is durably constructed and easy to clean. As a covered litter box, it may feel a little small to larger cats, but small cats may not have this issue.

What We Liked:

  • Transparent hood allows cats to see out
  • No door or flap, doesn’t lock in odor
  • Available in a wide range of bright colors

What We Didn’t Like:

  • May feel a little cramped to larger cats
  • Fairly expensive compared to other models