Best Durable: CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box


Catgenie, The Cat 24

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  • Price: $479.00
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 19.2 x 21 inches
  • Works With: Proprietary plastic granules
  • Key Strengths: The only flushing litter box on the market
  • Ideal For: People who want their cat’s toilet to be as efficient and clean as their own

Installing the CatGenie is like adding a new toilet to your bathroom. It looks like a small human toilet and hooks up to water lines in the laundry room or bathroom. Each time your cat uses their little toilet, their waste is flushed away into the (bigger) toilet or through the plumbing.

This is the only automatic litter box on this list that doesn’t just scoop. It washes your cat’s litter with a combination of water and CatGenie sani-solution. Once the plastic litter granules are washed, the CatGenie uses hot air and agitation to dry them out.

The CatGenie is interesting in this respect. It’s the only automatic litter box that whisks your cat’s waste away through the plumbing, sparing you from ever having to haul away your cat’s waste in a bag. It’s not necessarily the end of your cat litter struggle – the CatGenie can grant your wish for a life free of scooping and scraping, but for many users, it brings a new world of problems.

Because it requires the use of proprietary granules and special, non-refillable sani-solution cartridges, the CatGenie has a higher lifetime cost than either a standard litter box or some other automatic litter boxes. A review on Wirecutter estimated that the CatGenie’s replacement costs would add up to $400 after 10 months. But it’s worth the convenience, right?

Not necessarily. The CatGenie may end up creating more problems than it solves.

Customer reviews of the CatGenie are mixed. Some say that it’s a miracle machine, making the feline litter box as struggle-free as their own toilet. Others, like Amazon customer Suren, disagree. Here’s what Suren had to say in this top-rated review of the CatGenie on Amazon:

“If you like smelling delicious baked cat poo, enjoy clogged hoses and drains, and love questionably clean litter all over your entire house — this is the product for you!!!”

It sounds dramatic, but this kind of drama is characteristic of this litter box’s negative reviews.

Heated and dried cat waste is a reeking reality for many dissatisfied CatGenie users.

It’s important to recognize, however, that these negative reviews aren’t indicative of the average CatGenie experience. On Amazon, this automatic litter box has 1,123 reviews and a 3.8 out of 5 star rating. Over half of those reviewers gave 5-star ratings. A lot of people love the Genie, describing it as a hassle-free litter box that works like a household appliance.

Watch A Video Review Of The Cat Genie:

At the time of this review the CatGenie currently costs around $539.00.

What We Liked:

  • Allows you to flush your cat’s waste away
  • Can be cleaner and less odor-prone than a standard litter box
  • Receives more positive reviews than most other automatic litter boxes

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Solid waste may be baked during the drying process
  • At around $539.00, this is one of the more expensive automatic litter boxes on the market
  • Comes with replacement costs for sani-solution and washable granules
  • The lightweight plastic granules have a scattering and tracking problem
  • Makes it almost impossible to monitor your cat’s toilet health