Best Flea Comb: Safari Flea Comb for Cats

safari flea comb
safari flea comb

Safari Flea Comb, The Cat 24

Though not technically a cat brush, the Safari flea comb is an excellent grooming tool to keep on hand, especially if your cat goes outdoors or you have another outdoor pet in your home. It’s a good idea to check your cat for fleas periodically so you can take immediate action to control an infestation.

The Safari flea comb is a single-rowed flea comb made with a closely spaced teeth and a sturdy plastic handle. The handle is contoured with an ergonomic grip to fit comfortably in your palm and it is very easy to use – simply start at the base of your cat’s neck and work your way through the coat down to the tail.

You can always use a flea comb to check your cat for fleas. If you discover an infestation, you’ll find yourself using it often after applying flea powder or shampoo to kill fleas.


  • Essential tool for households at risk for fleas
  • Highly affordable, priced under $5
  • Simple design, very easy to use


  • None