Best for Automatic Litter Boxes: All-Natural Clumping Clay Litter

all natural premium cat litter compressed
all natural premium cat litter compressed

All Natural Premium Cat Litter Compressed, The Cat 24

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If you hate scooping the litter box, you’re not alone. That’s why automatic, self-cleaning litter boxes exist. These litter boxes take the hassle out of scooping and cleaning, collecting waste in a discrete compartment or directly flushing it down the toilet.

Our top pick for the best cat litter for automatic litter boxes is brought to you by the same company that makes one of our favorite automatic litter boxes, the Litter-Robot III Connect. Litter-Robot is a leader in the pet tech industry, and they’ve developed a variety of complementary products like all-natural clumping clay cat litter.

Like most clumping clay litter,’s clay litter is derived from sodium bentonite clay. This means it forms tight, hard clumps and that it does a pretty good job of locking in litter box odor. It is naturally unscented, so it won’t irritate your cat’s nose, but it is likely to produce some dust.

Customers comment that their cats seem to like the texture of the granules and that the litter works very well with their automatic litter box.

This litter may be a little heavy because it’s only sold in a 20-pound box, but the box is sturdy and has handles for easy lifting. It’s also fairly pricey at $25 for a 20-pound bag which averages to about $1.25 per pound of litter.

What We Liked:

  • Unscented clay litter forms tight, hard scoops
  • Delivered right to your door through a subscription
  • Does a good job controlling litter box odor
  • Cats seem to like the texture and size of the granules

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Produces some dust, may be a problem for some cats
  • Very expensive at $1.25 per pound