Best Freeze-Dried: Smalls Giblet Niblets Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

chicken giblets compressed
chicken giblets compressed

Chicken Giblets Compressed, The Cat 24

Tasty treats are the perfect way to spoil your cat, but they should still be healthy. The best cat treats are protein-packed and full of real meat or poultry flavor – like these Giblet Niblets from Smalls.

These single-ingredient cat treats are gently freeze-dried to preserve their nutritional value, making them a species-appropriate choice for cats. They’re simple and healthy, not to mention highly digestible for cats who are able to tolerate chicken.

Smalls Giblet Niblets are only available as an add-on with a new or existing Smalls subscription. After choosing your fresh food formulas, you can tack a bag of Giblet Niblets onto your order for $10. They come in a handy resealable bag to keep them fresh.


Freeze-Dried Chicken Hearts and Livers.

Guaranteed Analysis

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  • Made with a single source of animal protein
  • Freeze-dried to preserve nutritional value
  • Completely free from artificial additives


  • Fairly pricey at $10 per bag
  • Only available with Smalls subscription