Best Rubber Cat Brush: Kong ZoomGroom Review

KONG Cat ZoomGroom
KONG Cat ZoomGroom

KONG Cat ZoomGroom, The Cat 24

This one is a classic. The KONG ZoomGroom is a cat-shaped little rubber brush that fits in the palm of your hand and gently removes loose hair from your cat’s coat.

The wide-spaced rubber teeth are flexible, making it a gentle brush that’s easy on even the most sensitive kitties. You can think of it as a massage brush that gently stimulates the skin without irritating it.

While the ZoomGroom has great popularity thanks to its gentle groom-massage and deshedding abilities, it’s not perfect. It doesn’t grab the hair very securely and, according to customer reviews, tends to send fur flying around. It can take off a lot of dead hair, but it will likely let it sprinkle down on your cat and furniture.


  • Gentle rubber teeth for sensitive cats
  • Cute cat design
  • Effectively removes dead hair
  • An economical choice


  • Doesn’t contain removed hair very well