Blink Flaked Salmon & Chicken Fillets Cat Food Review

blink salmon
blink salmon

Blink Salmon, The Cat 24

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We chose Blink Flaked Salmon & Chicken Fillets cat food to review because it combines both fish and poultry, two ingredients that cats should enjoy.

This recipe is made from flaked Norwegian salmon fillets and premium chicken fillets from British farms. The shredded fillets are slow-cooked in their own juices to create more flavor for your cat. The food retains the salmon skin for added nutrition and more omega 3 fatty acid.

This food is free of grains, added salt, and added sugar. Fillets used in Blink cat foods are Red Tractor-certified. Fish used in their foods meet Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) standards.

Ingredients in this recipe include: Flaked Salmon Fillets 30%, British Chicken Fillets 30%, Broth 39%, Vitamins and Minerals 1%.

Major nutrients added (/kg): Taurine 500 mg, Vitamin A, 2000 I.U, Vitamin D3, 100 I.U, Iron Sulphate monohydrate 15, Zinc Sulphate monohydrate 12, Manganous Sulphate monohydrate 1.5, Cupric Sulphate pentahydrate 0.75, Calcium Iodate anhydrous 0.5.

One pouch weighs 85 grams.

Nutritional values for this recipe are Protein 13%, Fat 2%, Ash 1.5%, Fibre 0.2% Moisture 83%. This would be the guaranteed analysis in the United States.

We can convert these figures into the dry matter basis for the food. This means removing the water from the figures to see what remains. If we do this we find that the food contains 76.5 percent protein, 11.8 percent fat, 1.2 percent fiber, and 1.7 percent carbohydrates.

Blink Flaked Salmon & Chicken Fillets provides an exceptionally high amount of protein for your cat.


Flaked Salmon Fillets 30%, British Chicken Fillets 30%, Broth 39%, Vitamins and Minerals 1%.

Guaranteed Analysis

Value %
Crude Protein 13
Crude Fat 2
Crude Fiber 0.2
Moisture 83
Ash 1.5
Crude Protein:13%
Crude Fat:2%
Crude Fiber:0.2%

Dry Matter Basis

Value %
Protein 76.47
Fat 11.76
Fiber 1.18
Carbs 1.76

Caloric Weight Basis

Value %
Protein 71.6
Fat 26.75
Carbs 1.65

Ingredients We Liked: Salmon fillets, British chicken fillets (local ingredients), taurine

Ingredients We Didn’t Like: None

Common Allergens: Chicken


  • Meat, poultry, and fish from certified sources
  • Slow-cooked
  • British ingredients, as much as possible, made in Britain


  • Costs more than many other cat foods
  • Some customers have said the single pouches are hard to find in stores since the subscription service has started
  • Some reviews indicated delivery service problems