Thursday, December 1, 2022
Home Predators


If you’ve ever noticed foxes, coyotes, owls or any other wild animal roaming around near your house you may be concerned about the threat they pose to your cat. Our articles here explain how much of a threat these predators are and measures you can take to minimise any risk.

One of the only ways I truly enjoyed eating vegetables as a kid was when my mom made “ginataang kalabasa” — a simple Filipino dish comprised of softened butternut squash and green beans cooked in a sweet coconut milk broth. I would eat it over rice, mashing the squash and letting the rice absorb the [...]
Did you know that cats have amazing traits? They are extremely long-lived, have an extra digit and toe on each foot, and can even taste different smells! Read on to learn more about the amazing attributes of a cat!...
Cat pee….it happens. But what can you do when it keeps happening in all the wrong places and everything you know to try hasn’t worked to stop it? You ask the animal communicator, of course! Dear Shannon,Lately my 7-year-old male soul cat, Alex, has been peeing outside the litter box. I’m what you might call [...]
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5 Ways to Go Green

Marina and experts say you and your cat can help save the environment — and even money — by taking some simple steps. Here are five pawsitively easy ways to go green. Go enviro-friendly with waste management Start with how you handle your cat’s poop. Use biodegradable litter made from recycled paper or plant-based material [...]