Overall Best: Catit Super Roller Circuit Toy

cat playing compressed
cat playing compressed

Catit Super Roller Circuit Toy, The Cat 24

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This interactive cat toy is comprised of an 8-piece adjustable track with a motion-activated circuit ball. The ball moves quickly through the hills and valleys of the adjustable track, zipping along as if on a rollercoaster.

While the ball takes its crazy rollercoaster ride, your cat has the opportunity to get in on the action by poking their paw through one of the many holes in the track. It’s large enough for multiple cats to play with at the same time.

So the game never gets old, the track is adjustable. With about 100 different layouts possible, you can offer a constantly-changing movement pattern. The Catit roller circuit is compatible with other track sets, as well, allowing you to create a stimulating playground for your cat.

What We Liked:

  • Stimulates your cat on multiple levels – sound, touch, and light activity
  • Large enough for multi-cat play
  • Included ball is smooth and responsive
  • Perfect for independent play

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Assembly may be a little tricky
  • Illuminated ball has a short battery life