Overall Best: Pretty Litter Ultra-Premium Cat Litter Subscription

pretty litter 4
pretty litter 4

Pretty Litter, The Cat 24

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Product Info:

  •  Materials: Silica
  • Price Per Pound: $5.50
  • Key Features: Lightweight, traps odors, eliminates moisture, changes color

A unique silica crystal litter that helps detect changes in urine pH, Pretty Litter also has the benefit of being available through a convenient monthly subscription.

Pretty Litter is lightweight and fine in texture, making it a great choice for older cats and cats with sensitive paws. It absorbs urine odor and eliminates moisture quickly, and its non-clumping formula means a single bag can last up to 30 days. Simply scoop away solids and stir the box daily to keep the litter fresh for your cat.

We found Pretty Litter a little more expensive than other silica litters, and it started to struggle with odor control in a multi-cat household, but overall we were impressed. Monthly delivery makes it a very convenient option, and you’ll enjoy being able to keep tabs on your cat’s urinary health.

What We Liked:

  •  Highly absorbent for liquid waste
  • Detects changes in urine pH
  • Lightweight, very fine granules

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Fairly expensive, even for a silica litter
  • Not ideal for multiple cats