Overall Best: Safari Cat Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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616P07cpWTL. SL350 1

616P07cpWTL. SL350 1, The Cat 24

How did this brush earn the number one place on this list?

It’s versatile—you can use it on almost every coat type, including short, medium, and long hair.

It’s thorough—the brush captures loose hair from the undercoat, massages the skin, and distributes oils for a healthy sheen. This brush has stainless steel pins that gently but effectively comb through the coat, deshedding loose hair, loosening tangles, and extracting dirt and dander.

And finally, it has a user-friendly design. The handle has a soft grip and hand-friendly shape that make it easy and comfortable to use.

Most other brushes don’t cleanly collect hair. Instead, they send it flying through the air as you groom. This brush keeps most of the hair securely on the wire teeth. Once you’re done brushing, you can easily retract the pins to release a clump of hair neatly into the trash.


  • Effectively combs through hair
  • Retractable teeth for easy cleanup
  • Comfort grip handle for easy brushing
  • A well-regarded and popular brush


  • Some cats find the stainless steel pins irritating
  • Pins are delicate and prone to bending