do cats keep bugs away

Do Cats Keep Bugs Away?

Cats find an opportunity to play in some of the unlikeliest places and with the unlikeliest things. That includes bugs. While cats will not necessarily keep bugs away from your home, indoor-only ones will try to get their paws on every little critter just to have a bit of fun. However, this rule does not [...]
Why are cats so lazy 1

5 Reasons Why Are Cats So Lazy?

0 Cats, what's with cats and their laziness? Oops! How about we stop there and let us rethink this through. Why are cats so lazy, is it the right question to ask? Or did it ever crossed your mind that it is in their nature to be acting the way they do? It would seem [...]
cat litter box

Why Is My Cat Peeing Outside The Litter Box

When your cat stops using the litter box, it can be really frustrating. Peeing outside of the litter box or elsewhere in your home is usually due to one of two issues: a medical issue or a behavioral issue. The first step is to take your cat to your veterinarian for a full exam. Your [...]
do cats kill their kittens 1

Do Cats Kill Their Kittens?

As disturbing as it might be for humans, mother cats can sometimes kill their kittens.   They may do this because they feel that something is wrong with their offspring, because of stress or fear, or a hormonal imbalance. Contents   Why Has My Cat Killed Her Kittens? 1. Disease Control 2. Congenital Defects 3. [...]